We take the worry out of audits

If you have received a dreaded letter from CRA requesting an audit, you know how helpless and overwhelming it feels. Let us guide you through the audit with our highly experienced and qualified team.

We have many years of experience preparing payroll and GST audits for the Canada Revenue Agency. As a Vancouver-based accounting firm, Marilynn Bell Accounting provides CRA audit services that will ensure the audit goes smoothly. Discover peace-of-mind knowing that we’re always in your corner.

How we can help you

A tax-audit is an extremely stressful process for small business owners and Marilynn Bell Accounting is here to reduce the stress and uncertainty with an audit. We do this by taking full control of the audit and representing the best interests of your company.

We ensure all the important details are covered by gathering the requested documents and submitting them to the CRA.

We will then follow up and liaison with CRA to make sure they have all the necessary information they need and provide further documents or further information as needed.

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