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Are you a Small business owner who feels like they're at a disadvantage when it comes to the bookkeeping and accounting operations of your business? At Marilynn Bell Accounting, we provide affordable, accurate, and thorough bookkeeping so you can, simply, run your business. Regardless of whether you are engaging with Marilynn or your direct account manager, our close-knit team works together to understand and help develop your smart financial goal and growth path.

What we do

You did not get into business to do accounting for your business, however, we did. We are passionate about keeping you organized by streamlining processes and reducing costs, creating long-term efficiencies. Knowing your numbers is a crucial piece of running your business and we make it our goal to keep you aligned with your goals.

About Marilynn Bell

"Hello, I'm Marilynn Bell, owner of Marilynn Bell Accounting. We are a Vancouver-based accounting firm with a proven and validated track record of providing reliable accounting, bookkeeping, and tax services to businesses. My accounting team is proud to bring decades of professional knowledge and CPA experience to each client interaction. Our accountants' are empowered to provide you with a peace-of-mind experience by encouraging you to talk with us anytime... and if you want a review, we offer easy-to-schedule appointments for discovery, insight, and practical financial advice. Is mobile tech your thing? At Marilynn Bell Accounting, we coach and train on how to use mobile accounting technology to increase your efficiency and help save you money." — Marilynn Bell | CPA | Founder & CEO
Accounting with Marilynn Bell CPA

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We provide the best customer service possible and going above and beyond what is asked of us, to ensure the best customer experience.

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