How to file a “Simple” Canadian Tax Return—T4

Step 1: Download certified software; we use Future Tax at One personal tax return license costs 7.99 plus tax.

Step 2: Select 'For Individuals.'

Step 3: Install the program.

Step 4: After installation is complete, go to desktop and open Future Tax Icon.

Step 5: Click on ‘Create a New Return.’

Step 6: Enter Your Basic Information (First Name, Last Name, SIN, Date of birth, marital status, province of residence and telephone), and then click on the 'Next' tab highlighted in yellow.

Step 7: Dependent(s) Information not included in this tutorial – click the Next tab highlighted in Yellow.

Step 8: Add Forms Box - We will add (check) off the T4 box. Click on Finish.

Step 9: Tax Return will be created, close the “Tip of the Day Box."

Step 10: Fill out the required information highlighted in yellow on “Identification” – Page 1

Step 11: 'Total Income'— Page 2 — Please enter Yes or No for highlighted box.

Step 12: Open T4 (Releve 1) from “Tax Slips & Receipts" from the forms list in the left column.

Step 13: Enter the yellow highlighted information from T4 slip in the corresponding boxes on the T4 (Releve 1) column 1.

Step 14: The T4 (Releve 1) form should look like the following with the yellow highlighted information. On the first line, you can add the company name (Notes line).

Step 15: Save the file.

Step 16: Verify the information is correct.

Step 17: Click on Next button to proceed through the verification.

Step 18: Click on Finish button of Verification box.

Step 19: Click on OK tab.

Step 20: Your tax return is now ready to e-file. Click on yellow highlighted button.

Step 21: Click on sign up for online mail today, choose yes or no tab.

Step 22: 22. Click on Yes or No and continue.

Step 23: Click on the Next button. Go through the same process as in Step 17.

Step 24: Answer Yes or No to Step 4 of 5 – CRA Netfile Information – you will not be able to e-file if you answer “Yes”.

Step 25: Enter No in order to proceed and Netfile.

Step 26: If you choose to enter Yes you will need to mail your tax return to the following Canada Revenue Agency.


Step 27: Confirm Information.

Step 28: If you are a first-time filer, you will need to mail your tax return. Click on Continue to proceed, if you are not a first-time filer.

Step 29: Click on ‘I agree – Proceed’ tab highlighted in yellow.

Step 30: Print Submission for your records and click on Finish.