Be Proactive, Not Reactive

As a business owner, you’ll probably agree that dealing with taxes and accounting is at minimum a chore, if not a headache at times. Having a tax service that is working for you is crucial.

Every business needs strong and efficient tax services and our selection of tax services is affordable to both individuals and businesses. We are proactive and committed to offering the highest-quality service, whether you want a one-time tax return filed or tax returns filed annually.

Our intent is to assess, inform and assist every taxpayer in making decisions that offer the best outcome for their personal or business tax return.


Building a relationship

We take pride in extensively managing your tax return with prior consent and discussion; indeed, making our relationship transparent, confidential and trustworthy.

Array of Tax Return Services

We offer personal and business tax preparation service that will maximize your refund or reduce the amount of tax owed through careful tax planning.

Tax Services We Offer

Individual Tax Service

File your personal tax return and ensure your account is up to date with CRA.

Self-employment Tax Service

We offer a check-list for self-employed individuals looking to maximize their personal tax return refund.

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